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Picbadges Privacy Policy

Last Revised February 11, 2013


PicBadges values usersí and websitesí privacy and therefore has set up this extensive Privacy-Policy in order to notify you when is data stored, what is being processed and what is being disclosed to our clients, which are the websites you visit, in order to allow them better services to You, as a client. Though Company is not a US based organization, its privacy policy is in strict compliance with the US Export Authorityís Safe Harbor Principles ( and is in full and strict compliance with all Israeli privacy regulations.


1.     Information Stored: PicBadges stores specific personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information, including information obtained from Facebook and other 3rd Parties such as: Your name, Your Email, Your Facebook ID and friend list, information regarding Your use of the Service, Your profile photo and Badges You viewed, created or used.

2.     Information not Stored: PicBadges shall never store and shall never request any information relating to Your financial or medical situation, any credit card information or information relating to physical condition. PicBadges shall retain some information regarding Your Philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership, religious or political affiliation solely if You decide to use a PicBadgesí Badge affiliated with such cause or belief.

3.     Processing Information: PicBadges shall process the information through Service and use it in accordance to Your request with Your Facebook Profile, Your Friends and the Users who initiated the Badge You Use.

4.     Who has Access to Your Information? PicBadges provides access to Your information, including the Badges You published, created and used to: (i) Users browsing the Service; (ii) Your friends, as available through Facebook; (iii) Users who created the Badge; (iv) 3rd parties who provide PicBadges with services such as clearing, image processing, hosting et cetera.

Moreover, through the PicBadges API, some other users who you engaged with (such as made a purchase on their website or donated for their cause) may access some of your information through the PicBadges API, including your profile picture. If you wish for such information not to be sent, you can either set your account as Private, delete the specific PicBadge relating to such user or remove the PicBadge from your account.

5.     Can You Amend the Information? You can always amend and inspect the information retained about You by clicking the ìMy Accountî button in the top right corner. There You may find the Badges You used and the Badges You Created.

6.     3rd Party Services & Processing: PicBadges uses the services of 3rd parties, including analytical services, authentication services and others such as Google Analytics and Facebook Connect; Such services collect personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information; Please make sure that You read and understand the 3rd Party Privacy Policies prior to using Service.

7.     Emails and Promotional Activity: PicBadges shall provide You with three different email notifications, all with accordance to these terms of service: (i) Action Based Emails: PicBadges shall inform You when activities are performed in Your Account, such as creating new content, takedown notices were filed or any other information requiring your action; (ii) Event Based Email: PicBadges shall inform you alerts and notifications based on events regarding Your account and/or content, such as when Your PicBadge is not pending or when alerts are received ; (iii) Updates: Updates and Notifications Regarding Newsletters and Promotional Activities, which will be sent from time to time, and You may opt-out of; (iv) Messages: updates and messages from other users who you used or purchased their PicBadge. By entering into this Agreement, You hereby grant PicBadges Your consent to receive communication, including unsolicited emails, from PicBadges and PicBadgesí 3rd party affiliates.

8.     How can I remove all my information? You can always deactivate Your Account or remove all the information retained on PicBadgesí servers by clicking on ìDeactivate My Accountî and choose what information to remove from PicBadgesí servers; however, please note that PicBadges may retain some information for limited periods of time for review and processing of information;

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